Bluebottles: a debate  // Editorial
23 October 2015
The Physalia utriculus or Australian bluebottle DEBATE CHAIRPERSON: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you to the third round of the East Coast debating competition. Each speaker may speak for five minutes. There will be a warning bell at four minutes with two bells at five minutes to indicate that the speakers’ time has expired. As a courtesy ... [ more ]

Love Hate  // Editorial
22 October 2015
Love - read downwards: SUPs are unreal fun And you’ll never hear me say that Only if you’re riding a shortboard True happiness can be obtained Because It’s all one ocean and should be shared And it’s not true that You’d have to be an absolute kook to ride a SUP Some guys can ride them really well Even if Those big boards look awkward and cum ... [ more ]

Championship Controversy  // Event
21 October 2015
“Interference – white on yellow, interference white on yellow” are not words you want to hear over the PA system when you are wearing a white shirt in the most important heat on the Australian SUP calendar. But that is exactly what Kai Bates heard when he was sitting out in first place with a 9.0 and a 7.8 under his belt and Jackson Close, the next closest c ... [ more ]

Holy Mackerel  // Session
11 May 2012
A little clip of Paul Chapman having some fun times at a strange and out of the way spot. ... [ more ]

SUPA Nationals  // Event
09 May 2012
What a fantastic couple of days for the SUP Australia Nationals held around the lovely beaches of Newcastle. We had with everything from howling onshore mountains to oily smooth little runners. One thing was consistent though - some amazing surfing from Australia's best SUP riders. Here's some of the action from day 2. Over 45s and Open Semi Finals: ... [ more ]

What a Blast  // Event
24 April 2012
Twas a strange foggy morn That was weird a little bit For a fluttery north breeze was blowing Down the water they call Pitt. My new DEEP 12'6" and wife ready to go Both claiming first big race All the latest stand up craft on display That were sure to set a record pace. All the standard sledging and laughs With north and south the biggest battl ... [ more ]

I Love Downwinding  // Session
13 April 2012
I love downwinding. Once upon a time I didn't. I thought it was a bit lame. Coming from a surfing background, I always figured it looked like too much hard work for not enough gain - why would anybody go through all that just to ride a half foot piece of onshore chop? That's the type of crap I avoided like the plague ... as a surfer. Well, being out i ... [ more ]

Get a (Fancy) Grip  // Technique
25 March 2012
Ever wondered what's involved in creating those fancy deck grip designs that some crew (with way too much time on their hands) apply to their pride and joys? Watch Casso whack one on his new DEEP 12'6" and check out the end result. Looks pretty nifty, hey? ... [ more ]

Wally World  // Session
04 February 2012
Some of the boys hit Wally World for the morning session. Keep an eye out for the new APS heli-cam footage embedded in there. ... [ more ]

Vanilla Stone  // Session
28 December 2011
Dan Cleary hits Vanilla Stone (not its real name) on his self built DTM 8'4" rounded square. He's going alright on it too. ... [ more ]
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