Sunova 7'4" 2in1 Foil SUP  // Board
30 January 2018
Imagine if that shiny new hydrofoil you just bought could simply slot into your favourite funboard surf SUP. No sending your pride and joy off to local board repairer to be sawn, drilled, routed, packed, laminated and painted. No risking divorce for buying a new dedicated SUP foilboard - "but you just spent $2,000 on that blasted hydrofoil contraption". I ... [ more ]

Sunova 8'10" Steeze  // Board
13 September 2017
Back in the early days, 2008 I think it was, I remember seeing a young Matty Lumley absolutely ripping on a PSH All Rounder down at the Mambo Merimbula Classic. It was about nine foot long and, like a lot of SUPs from that era, it had a big rounded nose. I was on an 11 footer at that event and the thought of riding a tiny nine foot SUP freaked me out a littl ... [ more ]

Sunova 12'0" Search  // Board
29 October 2016
It was good that morning, real good. A head high south swell was pushing across the peak making the classic lefts a bit too fast, but the rights looked super fun. There was zero wind, resulting in oily smooth conditions for the local crew that were out there. The rights were just perfect for high performance SUP surfing. What a shame that SUPs are banned out ... [ more ]

Sunova 7'11" Speeed  // Board
03 October 2016
I had snagged one of those days that seemed like the planets had aligned. There had been a project scheduling mix up at work and I'd suddenly found myself with a free Thursday, all to myself. The kids were at school and the wife was at work and the fact that it was a last-minute, unscheduled day off meant that nobody had a chance to leave me with a list of j ... [ more ]

Sunova Board Bag  // Accessory
19 September 2016
I haven't had a lot of luck in the past with protectively sheathing my pride and joy. There was that time I flew to the Goldy for a comp with a cheap, light-weight cover and consequently had to madly tape up an open wound (in the shape of a baggage handler's steel-capped boot) on the underside of my brand new comp board, the night before my first heat. Th ... [ more ]

SIL Apparel   // Accessory
20 November 2015
Itís not every day you come across a super high quality, paddle specific, clothing brand that is designed and made in Australia. SIL Apparel (short for Stuff I Like) has recently launched its new line of boardshorts and action shirts around the country. And boy is it good stuff. The gear has been designed for the surf and yoga crew but Australian Paddle S ... [ more ]

Innoracks  // Accessory
27 June 2015
In the seventies it was occy straps, in the eighties it was all about using your legrope, in the nineties it was fancy webbing straps with one-way buckles, in the noughties it was lockable straps and now, in the teenies, we have Innoracks to fasten our pride and joys to the roof racks (no, not the kids). Innoracks are the latest in engineering excellence ... [ more ]

DEEP Oceanboards 10'0" Rhinochaser  // Board
25 March 2015
I was after a high performance board that would qualify for our local club's 10 foot plus division but it also needed to be stable enough to assist my wife's SUP surfing lessons, be able to take my dog SUPing, be able to be ridden in big outer bombie surf, be fun in tiny pointbreak waves, be nice and light to carry decent distances, be flat enough to plane w ... [ more ]

Dunstan Boardshorts  // Accessory
27 February 2015
I was in Bali in the late seventies. I was a pre-teen grom, frothing on all things surfing. My Dad, brother and I found this little old guy in the back streets of Legian who would punch out tailor made boardshorts overnight. He measured us up, we chose our style and fabrics and we went back the next day to find these epic shorts ready and waiting. They looke ... [ more ]

DEEP Oceanboards 7'4" PaddlePop  // Board
01 November 2014
Bugger it. I thought I'd found my perfect board (the 7'2" DEEP Minion) Ö then I jumped on the latest prototype concept board from DEEP Oceanboards - the PaddlePop. One word: Smooth The board is 7'4" x 27" x 3.875" x 89L I was very hesitant when Simon from DEEP told me about a new little concept he was working on. Hesitant for two reasons: one, I did ... [ more ]
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